Luke Boland
Founder, YOLO Partners

Luke has been a professional investor and trader for over twenty-five years.  

Luke founded Yolo Partners in 2011 to execute short-term trading and long-term investing strategies following a thirteen-year tenure at Renaissance Technologies.  Yolo Partners actively trades liquid securities, in part, utilizing a short-term fixed income security algorithm developed by Luke.  Long-term investments include investments in Rock Gate Partners’ portfolio companies as well as other real estate, manufacturing, technology, medical and the oil and gas investments. 

While at Renaissance, widely recognized as one of the most successful hedge funds globally, Luke traded equities, stock indices, fixed income and commodities across Asian, European and U.S. time zones.  Prior to Renaissance, he was as a Vice President at Nesbitt Burns BMO and Fuji Securities where he traded zero coupon bonds in Chicago.

Luke received his BS degree in Finance from Miami University in 1990.