It’s simple: we seek to partner with talented, driven managers and owners who exhibit a high degree of intellect, ethics and integrity.

Great companies are built by passionate individuals who love what they do, and understand that an energized culture is critical to success.  

We believe:

  • Each year, well-performing team members and their families need to be better off by their association with Rock Gate-backed companies. We appreciate and take seriously this responsibility.
  • A positive, winning culture is one of the most important drivers of long-term, sustainable success – and one of the most challenging objectives to achieve.
  • The desire to win must exceed the fear of failure - taking fully-vetted risks is part of achieving outlier success.
  • In an alignment of interests and shared success among employees, managers, suppliers, customers, lenders and owners/investors - unbalanced relationships are not sustainable.
  • That we have a responsibility to act in the best interest of the environment and society as a whole.
  • That wealth creation should not be the goal. Our goal is to build great companies, and wealth creation for management teams, our investment partners and Rock Gate is the by-product.
  • It is our responsibility to give back to the communities where we live and work - financially and with our commitment of time and talents.

"As a longtime employee of I/D/E/A, going through an ownership change can be stressful. However, working with Rock Gate exceeded my expectations. They were upfront and honest about their goals and have executed on their promises.  In our five-year partnership, they’ve been consistent, level headed and loyal to our team, while continually pushing the company forward.  I’ve learned a great deal through their leadership and consider them business partners and friends."

Jane McConnell
VP Sales & Marketing
Whitewater Brands